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Construction Management

Orange City Area Health Center Enterance


This method of construction places the contractor as the single source of responsibility to the project owner for all design and construction services. It puts the contractor, designers, and the owner together in a team setting. Project planning, programming, budgeting, value-engineering, and scheduling are accomplished throughout the project. Design/Build is very efficient in meeting the owner’s needs for construction speed and cost control.

Construction Manager-Agent Method

The Contractor manages the risk as an “agent” of the owner and the risk remains with the owner.

Construction Manager-At Risk Method

The Contractor is at risk for any costs above the guaranteed maximum price which is provided at the completion of the design phase of the project.

Hoogendoorn Construction, Inc. in Sioux Falls provides construction management services to both private and institutional clients. You are our most important client. We want to provide the best and most fiscally responsible service to you.