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General Contracting & Carpentry
Construction Management
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Sioux Falls, SD Construction Company Process


What is one of the greatest aspects of business appreciation? Return customers. In the construction market customers have a choice. At Hoogendoorn Construction, Inc. in Sioux Falls we are fully aware of that. Our reputation for providing satisfaction is why we are consistently called back by our customers. Contentment and peace of mind are what customers most often mention. A repeat customer is a sign of how well the customer views the Contractor’s work. Our reference list exemplifies the attention to detail we provide, and your project will receive that same single minded attention. YOU are priority. Our references from previous clients exemplify the attention we gave to their projects and will give to our future projects.


Hoogendoorn Construction, Inc. in Sioux Falls provides a quality product on time and on budget. That is the standard to measure your success. We mean what we say and you can take that to the bank! Our construction team coordinates, controls, and monitors all daily activities, including time, people, products, and services. Those controls make sure that everyone remains on schedule and every aspect of a project is scrutinized. Project meetings are vital and set up in accordance with each owner’s desires, those meetings are the centerpiece of keeping all involved informed. YOU are part of our team.

Time & Budget

Time and its relation to dollars and cents are important to Hoogendoorn Construction, Sioux Falls. That impact is not taken lightly. Our relationship with each person during a project is vital. Suppliers and subcontractors are sought out and managed in a manner which provides fiscal responsibility and commitment. It is our intent to continually analyze project costs, and seek out any cost saving measures.


Safety is our concern, and you can rest assured that we view safety as a top priority. Safety at the job site starts and ends each day with each member of our team, including our own staff, as well as subcontractors, suppliers, and anyone who is at the site. Training, site safety visits, and site auditing are completed by an independent safety consultant. A safe work site is a productive work site, and lost time results in lost income.


Hoogendoorn Construction Sioux Falls, is a leader in integrating the information “super” highway into the construction management process. Knowledge and the wherewithal to operate today’s technology sets Hoogendoorn Construction, Inc. apart from the competition. We have the ability to create, re-produce, or transmit documents from either our office or job site. In a moments notice our construction team can communicate via electronic format any changes foreseen or projected.

Construction Management

Orange City Area Health Center Enterance


This method of construction places the contractor as the single source of responsibility to the project owner for all design and construction services. It puts the contractor, designers, and the owner together in a team setting. Project planning, programming, budgeting, value-engineering, and scheduling are accomplished throughout the project. Design/Build is very efficient in meeting the owner’s needs for construction speed and cost control.

Construction Manager-Agent Method

The Contractor manages the risk as an “agent” of the owner and the risk remains with the owner.

Construction Manager-At Risk Method

The Contractor is at risk for any costs above the guaranteed maximum price which is provided at the completion of the design phase of the project.

Hoogendoorn Construction, Inc. in Sioux Falls provides construction management services to both private and institutional clients. You are our most important client. We want to provide the best and most fiscally responsible service to you.