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Worthington High School

We are working with Worthington High School and ICS Consulting, Inc. to add a 2nd story. With the growing economy of Worthington, MN comes growing your infrastructure, as the community grows the schools will need to grow with it to meet the demand.  Hoogendoorn is excited to work with the school district to bring their needs to reality. This project is a 12,000 sq. ft 2nd story addition to their previous project completed in 2015 as well as an elevator to allow a second means of access.  This addition also comes with its fair share of complexities such as renovating existing roof structures to account for new snow loads, a schedule to accommodate the return of staff and students for the upcoming school year, and protecting an existing first level from any moisture damage.  No matter the complexity, Hoogendoorn Construction has the knowledge and tools to accommodate, renovate and schedule.  

“Building Together for the Future of Others”